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Yangon – Kyaing Tong – Hokyin – Loimwe – Ho Lan – Mandalay

Trekking Tour to hill tribe villages on the Shan Plateau. Witness their animistic rituals, interact with minority ethnic groups and enjoy the stunning landscapes of Eastern Myanmar.

Our itinerary specialists will be pleased to incorporate this extension into any Classic Myanmar Tour.


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Tribal Villages of Kyaing Tong (Golden Triangle)
  • Trekking to remote hill tribe villages
  • Enjoy landscape and views over the Hazy Blue Mountains
  • Communicate with villagers
  • Discover the diverse hill tribes and observe their unique customs and belief systems
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Tribal Villages of Kyaing Tong (Golden Triangle) [ 7 Days/ 6 Nights ]
Day 01 : Yangon – Kyaing Tong by flight

Depart Yangon by flight to Kyaing Tong, the largest town in Eastern Shan State, the capital of the Golden Triangle, famous for its multi-ethnic population, blend of various cultures (Myanmar, China and Thailand) and scenic beauty.

Upon arrival, start your visit in Kyaing Tong with Maha Myat Muni Pagoda known as Wat Phra Sao Luang and enjoy a walk around lovely Naung Tong Lake.

Overnight in Kyaing Tong

Day 02 : Kyaing Tong – Pin Tauk – Kyaing Tong

After breakfast, visit the local market in Kyaing Tong to observe the colorful hill tribes who come to sell, buy and trade their various products. It is a superb opportunity to meet the tribe people and to observe their unique dress styles.

Then drive by car (-45min) to the starting point of the trekking at Pin Tauk area.

Start hiking and explore the Akha tribe village at the foot of the hill to observe their distinctive customs and visit to the Lahu tribe village as well.

After a pleasant picnic lunch in Nature, continue the trekking to an Ang tribe village. This tribe is known for their black teeth, distinctive elongation of the earlobes caused by wearing large earrings as well as their black dresses. They use their own language and Shan language but no Burmese. Stroll around the village and interact with the locals. The region offers spectacular panoramic view over the valley, filled with terraced rice fields.

On the way back, visit a Shan Traditional Rice Alcohol production and at Wan-Pauk, a Silver Palaung tribe village where women wear bright red sarongs adorned with large silver belts.

In the late afternoon, return to Kyaing Tong.

Overnight in Kyaing Tong

Total Distance : 8 km
Walking Hours : 03 hrs (approximate)
Trek conditions : moderate

Day 03 : Kyaing Tong – Hokyin – Kyaing Tong

After breakfast, drive to Hokyin (-1hr) home to about 400 Akha people. Start a scenic walk (-1 ½ hr) through Buddha garden to Pam Kwai Hill where you can amaze the panoramic views over a group of Akha villages and trek to the first Akha Village where you will see the Akha still wearing traditional costumes with large silver coils around the waist. To fully dress their costume takes about one hour for Akha women.

If the time permit, explore all three nearby Akha villages to familiarize yourself with their house architecture, the spirit gate at each village entrance and more animistic customs.

After that, trekking to Mong Zine (Khun Village) to observe how they make the traditional Lahu knives at a local blacksmith and Shan traditional houses.

Then, find your car waiting to take you back to Kyaing Tong.

Overnight in Kyaing Tong

Total Distance : 11 km
Walking Hours : 03:30 hrs (approximate)
Trek conditions : moderate

Day 04 : Kyaing Tong – Loimwe – Kyaing Tong

After breakfast, drive to Loimwe (33 km/ ~ 2 hours), on a high plateau, at 1600 meters above sea-level. Along the way to Loimwe, you can visit tribal villages of Shan, Akha, Wa and Lahu, to observe their different cultures and customs. Loimwe is an ancient British hill station where one can find a few colonial mansions, a huge golden pagoda on a hilltop, and enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

Late afternoon, drive back to Kyaing Tong.

Overnight in Kyaing Tong

Total Distance : 5 km
Walking Hours : 01 hr (approximate)
Trek conditions : easy

Day 05 : Kyaing Tong – Lahushi – Kyaing Tong

Breakfast at the hotel and depart by car for 45 minutes to Kon Ma village. From there, start hiking for ~ 3 hours to Lahu Shi village, at 1500 meters above sea-level. You will be trekking through a quiet forest and feel the breeze as you ascend out of the valley. Once there, explore the village and discover the cultural heritage and old age customs of Lahu people.

Overnight in Kyaing Tong

Total Distance : 16 km
Walking Hours : 06 hrs (approximate)
Trek conditions : strenuous

Day 06 : Kyaing Tong – Kabar Aye – Kyaing Tong

This morning, drive about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Ho Lan (Akhu tribe) village and visit a peculiar boat-shaped vegetarian monastery. Walk for 45 minutes to Kaba Aye Pagoda on a hill for scenic views.

After that, a ~ 25 minute drive takes you to Wan Sai village where women smoke long pipes. From there, a short hike to visit Akhu and Khun San tribal villages.

In the late afternoon, drive back from Wan Sai to Kyaing Tong for -45 mins.

Overnight in Kyaing Tong

Day 07 : Kyaing Tong – Mandalay/Heho/Yangon by flight

Enjoy a morning visit to the other parts of Kyaing Tong city such as the lone-tree hillock; the Standing Buddha statue visible from everywhere in town; Wat In, an ancient monastery famous for its collection of wooden Buddha images in all shapes and sizes; Dat-Saon-Kham Pagoda.

Transfer to the airport for the flights to Mandalay/Heho/Yangon.

End of the Tour!

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Important Information

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  • Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung) is a developing region and therefore tourism amenities offer a lower standard, in comparison with other mainstream destinations.
  • Trekking is not recommended during the rainy season May to September.
  • Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung) flights do not operate daily. If there is no direct flight to Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung), the flight may stop at Tachileik and you may have to drive by car to Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung) (~3hr).

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