Kinnari Travel always focus on social and environmental sustainability. We work with services providers who care to mitigate negative impacts to community, culture and the environment.



Responsibility Policy

According to UNWTO, sustainable tourism can be defined as:

“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”

Our Sustainability Policy is based on this philosophy and we commit to sustainability for our future generations of Myanmar.

1. Maximize social benefits for the local community

  •  We suggest our customers to purchase local products to support the local community
  •  We don’t encourage to purchase products made from endangered species, and educate our customers if they may make that mistake
  • We support local projects (working with social enterprises or local producers to provide giveaways for clients or local souvenirs) and provide donations to local community causes.
  • We inform our customers of cultural or religious issues where they should be considerate
  • We make sure that none of Kinnari’s suppliers exploit children or break human rights conduct
  • We abide by all Myanmar labour laws to our employees.

2. Maximize economic benefits for the local community

  • We send profit to the local community to help preserve and protect the area our customers frequent.
  • We contribute to the preservation of resources which our company uses
  • We hire local staff, and provide adequate training
  • We use local suppliers only to support the local community

3. Reduce negative impacts on the environment

  • We take responsibility for damage to the environment by your potential use, and make sure to use energy efficient measures
  • We use conservation and reduction measures for water, waste and energy
  • We provide our staff with information and training on how to be more environmentally responsible
  • We practice Reduce, reuse, and recycle – reduce waste, water and energy where possible
  • We create an environmental office policy – and stick to it!
  • In walking tours, we consider the size of our tour groups (most of our tours are FIT). We well note that traveling in groups of small numbers has less impact on the flora and fauna in an area than having hundreds visit at once.

For further information on our sustainability policy, commitments and actions, you can contact to

Ms. Zar Ni Myint

Telephone : 09771010990

Email :

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